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Short Description of the Project

The EU-LIFE-Environment Project SPAS (Sound and Particle Absorbing System) should demonstrate that fine-dust pollution can be reduced by the innovative combination of conventional noise-protection systems and newly adapted filter techniques. The noise-protection walls and fine dust filters are tested in a combined system as prototypes. The objective is to clearly reduce the exposure of residents along roads with high traffic volumes to noise and fine dust or particulate matter. In the course of the project, a technological measure is thus to be presented and optimised for permanent application to filter fine-dust particles caused by resuspension at the site of origin and to reduce them by at least 25%. The system which is thus being optimised for different types of roads and areas of use suggests itself for application in many other cities and municipalities as well. The project has been running since October 2006 and will expire at the end of 2009. SPAS has a total budget of € 2,484,067, with about € 1.2 m (almost 50 %) being financed by the EU.

Lärmschutzwand Viktring

Noise-protection wall with integrated filter baskets in Viktring.


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